Simple ways to create a happy family in 2016 and beyond

Every man and woman are basically want to form a happy marriage, and build a family that is also happy. Is there a school or university can provide education and theory that can achieve a happy marriage and happy family?

It is true that there is no exact science to realize a dream of any kind, as well as the most ancient human dream, that marriage and family are always happy all the time. However, each individual and collectively, a happy family can be realized even if not 100 percent. There is no effort without a hitch, but there are always tips and solutions based on the experience of others or our own family in the past that could form a benchmark to realize that dream.
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When the love of men and women united in marriage, it is expected that this family will last forever, and create a harmonious happiness. Men and women who are married must maintain the integrity of domestic harmony and a good way without violence. 

Please choose a life partner from the start with confidence, because it will determine the future condition of our homes. Have a harmonious and happy family is everyone's dream.

Here below are some tips to make a family and a happy home with spouse, husband or wife and love to us:

  1. Honest and open with each other.
  2. Create pleasant conditions
  3. Not much demand
  4. Prioritize family togetherness
  5. Creating long-term commitment
  6. Wisely and firmly In the face of problems
  7. Full attention to children
  8. Simple life and not just chase the treasure
  9. Sensitive to the environment and social life
11. Do not bring work problems home
12. Familiarize the family a healthy lifestyle
13. Helping one another
14. Not authoritarian and prioritize discussions to resolve the problem
15. Choosing the location of the house in a good neighborhood
16. Establish good relationships with family and others.
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Of the above tips you can add a happy life again because of the criteria also vary in every nation and culture. Like a symphony orchestra, every individual wants to live in harmony with family and others.

There have been many events in history, you can even get a reference from the novel, a love song or a movie that can be an inspiration to realize the dream of marriage and a happy family in the real world. If we have pure intentions, and there is a strong commitment, then we can live happily together with your spouse, and of course with the children in the near future.

Special article: The truth about motherhood

A special article: The truth about motherhood

By: Marie Magdala Roker

What is the mystery of motherhood? I know that when I was pregnant, experienced mothers could not stop giving me advice on taking care of newborns, delivery expectations and child care solutions. Yet, no mother ever told me how dreadful post partum depression could be, how much my world would change, how one person can bring so much to my life. I am taking this opportunity to share with expectant and first time mothers the truth about motherhood:

You will never love another being as much as your child (ren).
Wet kisses, hugs and snuggles really do make you feel better.
You might not automatically bond with your new baby.
You will feel like a failure some days.
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There are days when you are on the edge of losing it.
You will always do more than your share in the family.
There are days when you don't remember what you did for the day.
Having someone constantly depend on you can sometimes be daunting.
You sometimes feel guilty for wanting to spend time away from your children.

You worry about them whenever they are not with you.

If you don't hear any noise coming from your child(ren)'s room, mischief is going on.
You believe no one else can take care of your child(ren) better than you.
You can not wait until you can go out and have fun, then you spend the time worrying about your child(ren).
You look at supermoms with pity, admiration, envy, fill in the ______.

You start to drink juice boxes, eat Goldfish crackers, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, popsicles, and Cheerios because that's mostly what is in your house.
You develop a love/hate relationship with McDonalds, Chuckie Cheese, Toys R Us, Disney World, Jeepers, fill in the ______.
You seem to always end up at McDonalds.
People without children always seem to give unsolicited advice.
Once your child learns how to tell time, you can't get away with anything.

You will seldom eat a hot meal.
You learn to shop for your clothes in less than an hour.
You really appreciate malls.
You schedule play dates with parents you've just met.
You'll laugh more than you'll cry.
You will seldom have a dull moment.
You can not relate to celebrity moms.
Your sleep patterns change constantly.
When your child(ren) are asleep, you forget all they have done to upset you for the day.

You wish you can change your name from "MOMMY!" to "Daddy".
You learn to drive with one hand, open a juice box or snack with the other.

You begin to watch what you say or do around your child(ren).
You can not have a phone conversation without interruptions.
You meet moms who always compare their child to your child(ren).
You are secretly relieved when another child has a meltdown in public.
No one can prepare you for a public temper tantrum.
You get annoyed when you mention something your child does to another mom who responds, " I don't know, my child never does that." (Her child does it, she just doesn't want to admit it.)

You realize you don't know very much, when you are asked questions like, "What does God look like like?"
You start to love or hate Barney, Boobah, Teletubbies, Sesame Street, Clifford, Caillou, Spogne Bob, Pokemon, Barbie.
There are too many children's birthday parties in one school year.

You need to always carry wet wipes, tissues and snacks with you.
Your days will be filled with surprises like missing keys, stickers on your favorite pocket book, drawings on your favorite book, writing on your wall, soda in your shampoo bottle, or Cheerios in your shoes.
Your mind will never be same. Don't be surprised if you don't remember if days of the week.

You will be held accountable for all 500 Lego pieces, Hot Wheel cars, and basically all of your child's toys.
Stepping on dried up Play Doh with bare feet really hurt.
Those little straws for juice boxes are really annoying.
Your clothes won't always match or fit.
Your body will never, ever be the same.
Your breast start to go in opposite geographical locations.
Sex is on your To Do List.

You have memorize the menu at every kid friendly restaurant.
Chaos is a close, personal friend.
You are always running to or from somewhere.
You dread parent teacher conferences.
You dread Monday mornings.
Your child's social calendar will be more full than yours.
You wish you could leave your child (ren) with their teacher for a weekend, and let her see what you go through.

Your name becomes "Tommy's Mom" instead of Ms. Lawrence.
You want to tell that bragging parent to "Shut Up!"
You worry about what type of adult your child will grow up to be.
You feel a mother's pain when a child dies.
If your child is missing for 5 minutes, it feels like 5 hours.
Fevers are scary.
You appreciate the innocence, the drama, the conflicts, the disagreements, the laughter when your children is sick.

You won't always make the best decisions.
You can understand how other parents become alcoholics.
You will have every cold medicine in every flavor in your house.

Quiet dinner for one or two is every 6 months.
As much as you appreciate the peace and quiet, you secretly miss the noise and chaos.
You can only watch your favorite TV shows when your children) are asleep.
Small children and church services, weddings, funerals, fill in the blank_______ do not mix.
Being a mother can be overwhelming whether you have one child or six children.

Marie Magdala Roker is an Academic and Personal Development Coach and Certified Breakthrough Parenting Instructor who works with parents to help them unlock and nurture the natural gifts in their children.

The power of listening to create a better understanding

How are you today? I would like to share a great article about how to create a better relationships in our family. Are you ready to listening before you talking? 

by: Cori Sachais Swidorsky

We always hear about communication being the key in a relationship. If we are always talking and not listening, then communication becomes meaningless.
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It’s not easy to hear what someone else is saying, especially when our feelings, thoughts and opinions are different. Here are three reasons why learning to listen benefits our relationships.

Shows Respect – When having a discussion, listening to the other person shows that you respect what they are saying. Even if we disagree with what’s being said, we still need to respect their thoughts and feelings.

Helps Us To Understand – It’s difficult to understand what someone is trying to tell us if we aren’t listening. Listening helps to understand why someone is feeling a certain way. Once we understand, we can move forward with the situation and take the steps needed.
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Helps To Be Approachable – In relationships, it’s important for someone to feel they can to talk to us about anything. Learning to listen can help others feel comfortable approaching us any time they need or want to discuss something. We are likely to have a more open and healthy relationship if we are approachable.

We want others to respect, understand and be approachable to us right? Work on learning to listen and watch your relationship grow in positive ways

Shopping with kids to create togetherness and make children to appreciate the value of money

Shopping at the supermarket or at the mini market is always done by the father or mother to meet daily needs. However, it is not always the parents encourage their children to go shopping together, maybe the children are considered interfering parents. Instead, you can maximize the shopping activities to make your children more disciplined, even could make your children to value money, and it's important to create a togetherness in your family.

Before you go shopping, take your children to talk about your shopping list, whether for a week or monthly needs. Ask them if they need something that is important to them. Write down all your shopping list. Ensure only buy your household needs, so they also learn how to manage finances.

Shopping was very pleasant and comfortable in modern markets such as supermarket, because you can buy vegetables, milk or groceries in the packaging attractive and often there are discounts that can save expenses. Here is your chance to make you to be more disciplined, not running around the supermarket, not yell, and so on. 
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However, occasionally take your kids to shop at traditional markets so that they know no activity bargaining, so that they can appreciate the value of money. They also learn about entrepreneurship in traditional markets. They will know how to run a business and understand about working hard and simple management.

Shopping and visit a traditional market also a great moment to create a quality time with your children. Weekend is the best time to build togetherness with your kids and family. During this moment your kids can forget with their gadgets, smartphone or tablet. They will make contact with the merchant or other children, so your kid will have new friends. Please try this simple tips. If you like this article, don't forget to share to your friends and family.

How to protect children from sexual abuse

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If we care, then we can stop sexual abuse. Image:
Simple tips to protect children from sexual abuse. 

Internet users has increased rapidly worldwide. Very large number of Internet users who successfully utilize the Internet to facilitate the speed of various activities such as business, education, entertainment, and social media networking. However, it is inevitable that the Internet like a double-edged sword, which can be useful in a positive way, and only one side can endanger the user.

How to set up savings plan for children's education

Let us prepare education savings for kids.

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Make sure there is always a happy smile, for today and future. Image:
When you fall in love, and at the moment when you take an oath faithfully when married, you would have to imagine a happy marriage, and then have a healthy and beautiful baby. After that you also want to prepare for the future of your children. The best way to do that is to provide them with a good education, so it is important that parents are financially ready for the child's education.

Considering the high inflation rates school fees have experienced in the recent years, it is important that one should also include an investment plan for child education in that check list. When it comes to establishing a financial plan, check out some of these ideas that'll get you started!

The first thing you should do is to save every month to your income aside, is to open a savings account at a bank. Make sure the savings are not used for any other purpose. Similarly, if you are very wise to invest in insurance, then look for special insurance programs for the preparation of your child's education. This program should make sure your children get the money for college or university, even though you know that there is a chance your child will get a scholarship.

The first step to prepare education plan:
The first move in making a plan is to estimate what the total cost of your child's education is likely to be. The financial plans should always be made around the future value of the child's education costs, and not the current value. You can use a simple formula from the, as follows:

Amount needed = Current assessed value x (1 + inflation rate considered) raised to the power of (Tenure)

The website also adds that: If you are planning to use some of your existing investments towards your child's education, make sure you calculate the future value of the investment, so you'll know exactly the amount of money and how much monthly savings can be mad

There is an opinion in mention that, saving for your own retirement is more important than saving for college. That argument has some truth, because your children can get college tuition to the university or college from a variety of sources. In the meantime, you should not be miserable because they do not have savings in old age, then you have to make a retirement plan when you start working. This you must do when you are young. True, you do not put off so that you can save for your retirement with less money. If you wait until you are 45 years of age, then you will pay more.

The website also warned that the sooner you start saving, the better. Even modest savings can pack a punch if you give them enough time to grow. Investing just $ 100 a month for 18 years will yield $ 48,000, assuming an 8% average annual return. You can increase your deposit each time you get a raise or income, although you also have the right to enjoy life and follow the lifestyle, but be sure not profligate with your money.

Think for financial engineering to increase your savings, both for retirement and for expenses your children's education, for example to buy bonds, stocks and mutual funds to invest in the scheme. You can seek the opinion and advice of a financial planner, financial manager or financial advisor. Just for your information: Stock funds historically have almost always exceeded other investments over periods of ten years or more.

They will provide advice and proposals that suit your financial capabilities, and make sure you are not greedy with the hope you want to get significant results in a short time. Start investing with a moderate program, so you are not surprised when the economic events or economic disruption in our country or the global financial crisis.

Additional advice: When you are discussing with your financial planner, which you want to set aside at this stage of education: early, secondary and tertiary education (college or university). Thus the financial adviser will understand your needs, as long as you honestly tell me about the income that you generate at this time. The financial planner will make some proposals best suit your condition and how likely with the passage of time, for example, the possibility of improvement in your career or your business.

Remember also this ancient advice: Once you invest appropriate financial capacity and the type of investment you choose, make sure you always do a review on a regular basis. Other conventional wisdom is, do not put your eggs in one basket only, so you have a backup when one of your existing investment portfolio decreased or losers. Take the time to seek additional income from other sources. You can trust the advice of WarrenBuffet that exists in the image below: 
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Sage advice from Warren Buffett, the Guru of

If you take the time to reflect on some of the famous quotes from Warren Buffet the "Guru of Finance" as you see in the photo above, then you can survive financially, either for retirement or for your children's education in the future.

Please remember this old advice: Once you invest appropriate financial capacity and the type of investment you choose, make sure you always do a review on a regular basis. Other conventional wisdom is, do not put your eggs in one basket only, so you have a backup when one of your existing investment portfolio decreased or losers. Take the time to seek additional income from other sources. You can trust the advice of Warren Buffet as displayed in the image below:

If you take the time to reflect on some of the famous quotes from the "Guru of Finance" as you see in the photo above, then you can survive financially, either for retirement or for your children's education in the future,  and even you can retire young and retire rich, and you enjoy a prosperous life at a young age and upon retirement, and of course you can enjoy life more freely like a vacation to the paradise island, or have a nice home, and a dream vehicle.

Your own future and the future of your children are equally important, so that it becomes your duty to prepare it together with your spouse. If you are a single parent, you probably will be working hard to realize your dreams, but every effort will always be a road, which is wide open for you and for your family.

Tips recognize the child's talents and maximize their talents for your child's future

More about how to develop the child's talents
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Discover your child's talents, and develop their talents wisely.

If your child does not very well in math or art, then you will do not have to worry about. Each child is a unique being, that is why we often see a child who is very easy to understand math, or foreign languages, biology, and so on, but the kids love the math it apparently did not like learning art and sports activities. Therefore, you do not to become agonized when your child school grades are not optimal. What is important your child is could master the other subjects, so you will know your child's talents and career opportunities in the future.

Develop your child's talents wisely

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Young painter. Image:

Talent is something that is unique; it is not always the same for everyone. If you have a unique talent in any field, you can make this to get rich or to making money. Perhaps you have talent as a writer, photography, making software or application for smartphone or talent in the arts such as singing, writing songs, painting, design and so on. Do not let your talents and hobbies just as a pastime only. You can make this for the future; it could even be big business in the future.

Is there a unique talent that had been hidden inside of you? Are your parents less support for the development of your talent? There is always a classic story where the parents had the urge of wanting or own dreams for their children. You also never heard of a parent imposes his will so that his son entered business school, become lawyers, architects, doctors and so on. In this digital age there are still parents who do not appreciate talent in art, design, music, sport and so on.

Simple recipe for a happy married

 When the wedding vows pronounced and continued with the honeymoon, marriage is something very beautiful and blissful newlyweds. Time went by, it looks like sooner or later, and then you and your partner like routine like the phrase "business as usual". Do not let this happen in your domestic life, even though it seems normal, but in the long run can make you or your partner bored.
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Happy married. Image:

Let us prevent adverse events in marriage, with a simple recipe and does not need to make you dizzy, among other things:

1. Starting slept together

When you go to sleep, do you always sleep at the same time with your wife or husband? Conditions that may seem trivial, perhaps even escape your attention. But according to Dr. Mark Goulston in the book The 6 Secrets of a Lasting Relationship, it is one key to make a marital happiness. Sure it's easy, but sometimes it is hard to do.

Smart Tips for Managing Financial

If you want to have a smart family, there is one very important factor that you have to do is to manage your finances wisely. What can you do? Maybe the tips as mentioned below you can use as a rule of thumb:
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1. First priority and foremost: pay off your consumer debt as soon as possible. The sooner the better.
2. Check your expenditure mortgage debt, is the amount of <= 30%? If so, it means your debt load is too heavy and not risk paid off.

3. Priority number two, saving at least 10% of earnings. The higher the better.

4. Do not put too much money in savings. After heading the Emergency Fund in the amount of 5-6xs monthly expenses are met, invest!