Smart Tips for Managing Financial

If you want to have a smart family, there is one very important factor that you have to do is to manage your finances wisely. What can you do? Maybe the tips as mentioned below you can use as a rule of thumb:
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1. First priority and foremost: pay off your consumer debt as soon as possible. The sooner the better.
2. Check your expenditure mortgage debt, is the amount of <= 30%? If so, it means your debt load is too heavy and not risk paid off.

3. Priority number two, saving at least 10% of earnings. The higher the better.

4. Do not put too much money in savings. After heading the Emergency Fund in the amount of 5-6xs monthly expenses are met, invest!

5. Remember, lifestyle = expense. Want to know if your lifestyle is in accordance with the income? Check routine expenditure and non-routine. If it does not fit, do the spending cuts now.

6. Be a smart shopper! 10x Think before you spend money. Is it really necessary and as required? Are my purchases including productive or consumptive?

7. When you go to the mall or shopping center or when you need the goods being sale / discount at the store. It should be remembered most of all, it is the stuff you really need and already budgeted! That way you can just pass a store that was a massive sale without having to go in and shop when not in need of anything.

8. Please do not ignore expenses are trivial and are small but regular / frequent. Without realizing it, when totalized for a month and it turned out there were not little enough to drain our pockets. It should be eliminated.

9. It’s important to remember, credit cards are not extra money. If using a credit card, make sure that it is the money to pay bills already exists within your budget. That way, you can definitely fulfill on time.

10. The largest challenge in managing family finances is to reduce expense (simplify lifestyle) and increase your income. If this can be done in a consistent and disciplined, so you can managing your family finances easily be realized.
If you are prudent in managing finances, then you are considered to be financially savvy. If you have a financial intelligence, you and your family will be free from financial problems; even you will be prosperous and comfortable life.

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