Develop your child's talents wisely

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Talent is something that is unique; it is not always the same for everyone. If you have a unique talent in any field, you can make this to get rich or to making money. Perhaps you have talent as a writer, photography, making software or application for smartphone or talent in the arts such as singing, writing songs, painting, design and so on. Do not let your talents and hobbies just as a pastime only. You can make this for the future; it could even be big business in the future.

Is there a unique talent that had been hidden inside of you? Are your parents less support for the development of your talent? There is always a classic story where the parents had the urge of wanting or own dreams for their children. You also never heard of a parent imposes his will so that his son entered business school, become lawyers, architects, doctors and so on. In this digital age there are still parents who do not appreciate talent in art, design, music, sport and so on.

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If there are parents who want to understand and support the talent of the child, then the child will not be pressured to develop a career in the future. Support parents or people nearby will grow the passion of the child. 

Your child can be educated in schools or universities that have majors in the occupied areas of your child. In New York there are universities that accept students who want to pursue the field of art and film. In Bali, your child can learn to paint, dance and other arts. Your city may be a secondary school or college that has a department that wanted by your child. Encourage your child to talk about their talent and how to develop it.

Development of talent in the digital age.

Children in the digital age has been very understanding of the power of the Internet, social media networks and uses information technology to their future. In the future, your children can take advantage of the sophistication of information technology in all its aspects to make their talent as something of high value. Children's who work in art, graphic design, software, games, smartphone apps, movies, cartoons, photo model, fashion, and even sports, arts acting, singing, vocal arts, and a variety of other unique talents can develop into very big money in future.

There is always a market for every talent. It takes sincerity and a strong commitment to make a unique talent to succeed in the future. Children also have strong dreams. Your duty as a parent is to keep your child's talents in order to be better and more valuable.
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Parents as manager.

If you are sure of your child's talents, then you can offer to your child, that you are ready to be a manager so that your child can focus. Your role is to set a schedule, study contracts and manage your child's finances, even helping the child to balance your child's activities with business events, exhibitions, performances and family activities and special time so that your child can rest and maintain good health, so that your child does not suffered mental and physical fatigue. You already know there are a lot of teen artists who lost their childhood, even shunned by their close friends. 

Talent and genius of a child can be a money machine in the future, but do not let your child miss the beauty of childhood and adolescence. They are ordinary people with extraordinary talent, so they should be able to enjoy a normal life in between their busy lives.

I am sure you will be wise in your actions and attitudes to children and others around you. Happiness is the ultimate goal in life your child and your family. Make sure you are not too intrusive to your child's personal life, so that your child still respect and do not consider you as a scary monster. Do not let your child experience a psychological trauma resulting from success, fame and the negative effects of money and wealth.

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